RUSA Resource Center (RRC)

RRC is the secretariat of the NPD under the leadership of Chief Consultant appointed by the NMD. The TSG is comprised of professional from academic and other relevant domains to provide the professional support to the NMA and NPD.


RRCs functions are:

  • Monitor flow of funds and information.
  • Appraise State Higher Education Plans and engage with SHECs.
  • Engage with MIS provider to plan, coordinate and manage MIS.
  • Generate MIS reports as required.
  • Conduct evaluation studies.
  • Provide all operational, technical, logistical and managerial support to NMA, PAB and National Project Directorate.
  • Appoint consultants for project monitoring, designing, technical inputs and any other purpose and for a period and on such conditions of engagements as deemed necessary.
  • Appraisal of DPRs of the States and recommending to Central Government for release of funds on that basis.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Fund Utilization by the States on achievement of physical and financial targets against timelines.