RUSA Components



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Creation of Universities by way of upgradation of existing Autonomous Colleges

45 autonomous colleges (autonomy granted by University Grants Commission atleast in 2008 or earlier) that have necessary infrastructural facilities, antiquity, teaching strength and quality will be considered for up‐gradation to Universities.

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Creation of Universities by conversion of colleges in a cluster

Cluster universities aims essentially at addressing the critical gaps in the spatial distribution of higher educational institutions across the States. 35 new cluster universities would be created during the current Plan period with an average allocation of Rs.55 crore per university and 65 during the next Plan period through the clustering of existing affiliated government and government‐aided colleges. These universities will be created by pooling the resources of 3 to 5 existing colleges that have adequate academic, physical and technical infrastructural facilities. All the participating colleges in a cluster would eventually become constituent colleges of the newly created university.

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Infrastructure Grants to Universities

Infrastructure grants shall be utilized for meeting critical infrastructural needs that would lead to immediate quality gains such as upgrading of libraries, laboratories, equipments, hostels and toilets, etc. 150 public universities will be given a grant of Rs.20 crore each during the current Plan period.

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New Model Colleges (General)

Districts that are listed as Educationally Backward Districts under the existing 374 Model College Scheme and have not been supported so far would be considered for funding. 60 new model colleges will be sanctioned during the current Plan period.

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Upgradation of existing Degree Colleges to Model Degree Colleges

Out of the 640 districts in the country, 288 districts would be covered under the New Model College Scheme. Funds will be provided for the upgradation of 54 colleges in the 12th plan period.

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New Colleges (Professional)

Grants will be provided for establishing new professional colleges in each of the 22 states having below the national average GER in technical education. The number of colleges for each state will be based on the evaluation of the proposals submitted by the States. 40 new engineering colleges would be sanctioned in the 12th Plan period. States which are over‐saturated in terms of institutional density and vacant seats will not be considered for grants.

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Infrastructure Grants to Colleges

Infrastructure grants can be utilized by the colleges to address critical needs in institutional infrastructure, especially for creating/upgrading laboratories, libraries, hostels, toilets etc.3500 colleges will be given grant of Rs.2 crore each during the 12th Plan period.

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Research, Innovation and quality improvement

During the current plan period, 10 States will receive funds under this component to facilitate research and innovations.

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Equity Initiatives

During the 12th Plan period, 20 States will receive funds under this component. All State universities will be eligible to receive grants for equity initiatives.Innovative approach/schemes to ensure greater inclusion will be considered on priority.

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Faculty Recruitment Support

Support will be provided to fill positions in the category of Assistant Professor or equivalent cadre against vacancies. 5000 such positions would be supported during the current plan period. All the State universities will be eligible to receive grants under this programme.The recruitment process will have to adhere to UGC norms and regulations.

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Faculty Improvement

Academic Staff Colleges will be given funds to improve infrastructure and resources for training and capacity‐building activities.

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Vocationalisation of Higher Education

Funds for vocationalisation will be given to all the States/State universities.

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Leadership Development of Educational Administrators

This is a centrally administered program for professional development for the professional development of educational administrators/academic leaders/policy makers. This scheme will support leadership development programmes for department heads, deans, registrars, principals, vice‐principals, vice‐chancellors, pro vice‐chancellors,SHEC members,state project directors,commissioners,secretaries,etc.Besides, capacity building initiatives will be provided to State‐level policy makers and members of governing bodies at the institutional level.

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Institutional Restructuring and Reforms


Funds will be provided to States and Union Territories (depending on the size of the states) to enable them to create/strengthen necessary institutional framework for efficient and effective sectoral reforms. These funds can be utilized for setting up/strengthening State Higher Educational Councils, State Resource Centers and State Project Directorate.

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Capacity Building and Preparation, Data Collection and Planning

Funds will be given to States and Union Territories to

  • Undertake baseline surveys
  • Data collection and compilation.
  • Organise meetings, consultations, workshops, trainings
  • Hire consultants
    • Preparation of State perspective plans/strategy reports

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Management Information System

Funds will be provided to create and maintain strong data systems at the State level for 39 surveys and analysis that could provide information to the the national MIS.

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Support to Polytechnics

In consonance with the Planning Commission guidelines, the existing scheme regarding Sub‐Mission on polytechnics will be merged with RUSA.

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Management Monitoring Evaluation and Research (MMER)

This scheme is envisaged to provide support to resource centres and support groups for the effective implementation of various programmes under RUSA

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