Geographical Information System Courses

Syllabus for Core Course of Geo-Spatial Technologies

Programmes:  Undergraduate

Semester :  IV

Credits: 3 credits

Total Hours: 60

Mode: Theory: 3 hrs, Lab:2 hrs

Course Prerequisites: None


Course Outcome:

  1. Describe the common terms and definitions of GIS
  2. Discuss different GIS data and Data acquisition Technologies
  3. Get knowledge about different GIS trends and technologies.
  4. Discuss the relevant spatial computing systems and techniques for working with geospatial data. Apply GIS concepts to solve real world problems.
  5. Critically evaluate spatial computing software and systems and determine whether they have been applied in appropriate ways

Methodology: Class Room Teaching + Lab Hands on, online resources


  • Set up a learning environment like moodle (for learning resources, uploading assignments, online collaborations and online evaluations
  • Peer evaluation, presentations, Collaborative learning
  • Exams and make-up exams policy : flexible
  • Attendance standards : flexible