Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission (PMMMNM)


Faculty development is an essential element of Institutional effectiveness. The extent to which the institution supports faculty development will be strongly reflected in levels of the engagement in learning activities, conduct of research and ultimately fulfilling the objectives and goals of the university. Faculty who engage in professional development experiences benefit also in terms of increased vitality, better informed in terms of development taking in various spheres of education and allied fields, innovations and scholarly learning. Moreover, faculty professional development contributes to the effective use of emerging technologies and establishes a firm foundation for the overall development of high quality programs and curricula. Faculty development programmes include the four possible types of development: personal (interpersonal skills, career development, and life planning issues); instructional (course design and development, instructional technology); organizational (ways to improve the institutional environment to better support teaching); and professional (ways to support faculty members so that they fulfill their multiple roles of teaching, research, and service). Faculty development has a critical role to play in promoting academic excellence and innovation.


To inculcate among teachers the motivations to promote institutional effectives through the development of personal, instructional, organizational and professional growth of faculty.


To promote organizational strategies for faculty development so as to incentivise teachers to grow professionally and enable the institutions to grow.

Faculty development is expected to result in improved teaching performance and better learning outcomes for students and teachers.

Promotes new ways of thinking about the student-teacher relationship and increased commitment to educational scholarship.

Developing all round skills are a prominent aspect for faculty development. Developing all round skills are a prominent aspect for faculty development.


In general all the faculty members need to be provided the opportunities to participate in professional development programmes in order to enrich their knowledge. It is felt that opportunities to all the faculty members should be provided in attending:


Faculty Development Centre for more information